Aquarium Supplies - Quality Curated Dry Goods

       Our wholesale catalog is made up of trusted products. AlgaeBarn hand selects these products. We have seen great results firsthand, and we know that our customers will also. Therefore, we curated this product catalog to share our preferred supplies with our fellows in the industry.

Each product uniquely complements our own line of live foods, phytoplankton and macroalgae. We also carry bottled bacteria blended to jump start cycling a new system. At AlgaeBarn, we advocate for the use of natural filtration. That is why we carry the supplies to build a healthy system without strong chemicals, and supplements / foods without preservatives.

When building a reef system, the substrate and rock are the foundation for a new ecosystem. AlgaeBarn also knows that the demand for pest-free rock and substrate has increased. The use of wild collected live rock has introduced pests into new systems. Sadly, this was accepted as the cost of doing business.

Harvesting wild rock is not sustainable either. And as we all know, the density of the rock is crucial. If the rock is too dense, bacteria will not be able to penetrate. If it is too porous, copepods will not be able to seek shelter from predators. AlgaeBarn’s base rock has been mined from prehistoric coral reefs. Another benefit of using our base rock is zero pests guaranteed.

        At AlgaeBarn, we always prioritize sustainability. We use and recommend products that align with this mission. We also carry ceramic biofilter media which we find to be superior for growing the reef tank’s microbiome. These types of biomedia have a porosity like our base rock. They are the perfect breeding grounds for the most valuable little critters on the reef! Porosity is important as it means increases the surface area and allows for more space for bacteria to inhabit. Remember, AlgaeBarn has made a commitment to providing the best products in the hobby! We are also available to help decide which products will work the best for your business.