Provide your customers with more than just a copepod food product! Use AlgaeBarn Copepods to help them build stable and thriving ecosystems with more biodiversity than any other pod brand on the market!


OceanMagik Phtoplankton is the go to brand for ugly phase and nuisance algae issue resolution, as well as an incredible "whole tank" food product, increasing beneficial biodiversity for your customers Tanks!

Macroalgae ​(Coming Soon)

Pest free and grown in quarantined conditions, our macroalgaes are fresh and healthy! Provide your customers not only great foods for algae eaters, but the perfect macroalgaes for planted tanks and refugiums!

Aquarium Supplies

Our meticulously curated selection of aquarium supply products are based on what we use in our own facilities. We trust these products to provide first class results, and your customers should too!

AlgaeBarn: Second to None

AlgaeBarn was founded, and continues to grow based on our mission of providing healthy live foods, captive bred livestock, and curated premium aquarium products to the marine hobby! With new products coming to our wholesale division soon, the time to get started with AlgaeBarn Wholesale is now!