AlgaeBarn Copepods - Second to None!

      AlgaeBarn’s live pods are a must-have product for seeding a new reef aquarium or to replenish an established system. Copepods are amazing little creatures! Live pods are one of the best ways to provide nutrition in the reef tank. These tiny critters are also prized for their hard work in regulating the growth of algae. Pods can also reduce detritus build up in the reef tank system. A healthy pod population plays a crucial part in creating a balanced reef.

     Pods are so valued in the hobby because they are one of the best food sources on earth. AlgaeBarn’s unique blend of pods has a very high concentration of fatty acids. They are also great sources of amino acids which are crucial for growth. Aminos and fatty acids are critical to maintain health in fish and inverts. Both are also vital organic compounds needed to produce vibrant coloration in coral and fish. AlgaeBarn selects pods in larval and mature stages to increase food acceptance in many picky eaters.

       When reef keepers want live pods, they look for AlgaeBarn. We are one of the most trusted suppliers of sustainable live foods in the hobby. Each species we grow is chosen for hardiness, nutrition quality, and vitality. AlgaeBarn is dependable and the hobby counts on us for the most reliable products. We are also committed to fostering education in the hobby. AlgaeBarn stands behind each of our products and we guarantee complete satisfaction.

       By offering AlgaeBarn products as part of a routine tank maintenance regimen, you are becoming a partner in our drive to improve sustainability practices in the industry. One of our goals is to reduce the environmental impacts of the hobby. Partnering with AlgaeBarn is the first step toward delivering the healthiest and most gorgeous reef tanks in the industry.

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