OceanMagik Phytoplankton - Magic For Your Reef!

          As the equipment that runs our systems has improved, our knowledge of feeding habits in the reef have also evolved. We now know that the best approach to feeding a reef tank is to mimic the natural food web. But there is always food available in a coral reef! How do we come close to reproducing that without polluting our reef tanks? This is an area where AlgaeBarn has stepped up to the plate. Dosing OceanMagik live phyto has proven to be the best way to continuously feed a reef tank.

In the ocean food web, phytoplankton is a producer. The producers in the reef tank are bacteria, phytoplankton and macroalgae. They are at the base of the food web. Producers make their own energy much like plants. Keeping the producers happy is one of the best kept secrets for a healthy reef tank! Recognizing this, AlgaeBarn created a blend of phytoplankton that thrive in captivity.

OceanMagik was designed to work double duty! This blend of live phyto feeds coral and inverts. OceanMagik also works to cut down on excess nutrients. Wastes like nitrites, nitrates and ammonia get spent in short order. With continued dosing of OceanMagik, undesired algae growth is kept in check. Due to competition for nutrients, algae starves when the OceanMagik is added to the system.

AlgaeBarn is proud to be at the forefront of reef keeping innovations. In early days, reef keepers could not find quality phyto at the LFS. Other “live” phyto products were not packed or shipped to our standards. We take pride in every bottle of OceanMagik that leaves our facility. AlgaeBarn is known for our dependable product support. By partnering with AlgaeBarn, customers will know they have access to it. Retail and service clients will also be assured that OceanMagik is produced sustainably. Find out why OceanMagik is truly a miracle in a bottle!